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Parent Volunteers

The DHS Drama Club asks parents to assist with our productions in the following areas.  There's a lot to do and the more hands we have helping - the easier it is for everyone!
If you are interested in helping out, please contact Suzanne Houston: houstons@dunellenschools.org
  • Set Construction and Painting
  • Costumes - sewing, basic alterations, etc.
  • Props - building/creating, painting, shopping 
  • Fundraising - Coordination of event(s); Parent Chaperone/Drivers for Fundraising Events
  • Program Ad Sales - mailings, phone calls, collecting and organization of ad info, working with Program Coordinator
  • Program Coordinator - typing, gathering/organizing info for program, formatting Ads, layout, meet with printer, etc.
  • Publicity - work with Ms. Houston and student designer on poster layout/program cover/tshirts; meet with printers, drop off/pick up of materials; coordination of distribution (posters/tshirts); press releases
  • Clerical - basic typing, phone calls, organization of info
  • Lobby - help out in Lobby on show nights: concessions, selling t-shirts, ticket distribution, set-up/clean-up, etc. 
  • Food - Coordination of meals/snacks for cast and crew on long rehearsal days/evenings, and for fundraisers; Donating food/plates/cups/drinks, etc. 
  • Misc. - Perhaps you'd like to help out, but you aren't sure how!  Please contact Ms. Houston and we can find something for you to do!   Some examples of ways you could help out are: passing out tshirts, collecting/organizing forms, helping out with hair/make-up on show nights, hanging up posters, or selling tickets during lunches at DHS/LMS.