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Course Descriptions

(Full-year elective(s) for students in Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 with no previous Drama experience.)  
No Prerequisite.
This course focuses on the basics of Drama for students with little to no theater experience. This course will develop spontaneity, creativity, and the ability to collaborate with classmates on group projects and activities. The first semester focuses on the skills an actor needs to work on their craft, such as vocal and movement work, character development and script analysis. The second semester will incorporate Theater History from Ancient Greece to the Renaissance in performances of monologues, scenes and mini-plays, as well as a brief overview of other theater careers. This course culminates in a final performance-based project.

(Full-year elective(s) for students in Grades 10, 11, 12)  
Prerequisite: Drama I and previous levels of this course, or by audition.
This course is an extension of Drama I and further develops the students as actors and performers. Centering on acting techniques, and more complex theatre games and exercises, students will enhance their skills. Units on Auditioning, Directing and Playwriting will encourage students to explore scene work and the construction of theatre pieces. During the second semester, Shakespeare’s canon will be studied through sonnets, monologues and scenes. The examination of Shakespeare and his influence on modern theater will lead us through the remaining periods of Theater History. The course culminates in a final performance-based project.  (For students taking higher levels of this course, efforts will be made to group those students together to explore more advanced material, and avoid a repeat of information.)